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Furmagic Violet
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Furmagic Violet 300mL


  • Kills fleas, ticks and mites
  • Ralph lauren for women scent
  • Helps treats mange, heals wounds & dries hotspots
  • Helps treat fungal infection, promotes rapid hair regrowth
  • With madre de cacao oil extract, neem oil extract & aloe vera extract

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Product Description

Furmagic dog shampoo contains the following herb oil extracts for the following benefits:

  • Madre de Cacao Oil Extract – A herb extract well known to be very effective in treating mange and other skin disease
  • Neem Oil Extract – A proven effective herb extract that kills ticks, fleas and mites
  • Aloe Vera Oil Extract – A herb extract popularly know to enhance the volume, silkiness, smoothness, and shininess of a dog’s coat.

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