We are with our pets 24/7 of every passing day and even though the love we share needs no language to be felt, it isn’t the same when it comes to how they’re physically feeling. To assist you in making sure your pets are healthy, here are 7 signs to never
ignore in pets.
#1 Tired from doing nothing
It is normal for our pets to tire out after their walks and playtime with their humans, but do not ignore signs showing a prolonged indifference in activities they used to love. Lethargy can be caused by a temporary illness or a heart condition.
#2 Nothing seems tasty to them
As a pet parent, you know that even non-edibles can be appetizing to our furry babies. That is why when they keep leaving their bowls half-eaten or full – it may be due to stress, fever, or pain.
#3 Sudden drop or spike in weight
When there is an unexplained weight gain or loss while still being given their usual exercise routine accompanied by their diet, it can be an indication that your pet has diabetes or endocrine issues.
#4 Persistent diarrhea or vomiting
Although it is quite normal for our pets to throw-up or to defecate when they’ve eaten something that upsets their stomach, pet parents should worry if it is a recurring event throughout the day and when accompanied by other symptoms like a decrease in activity and lack of appetite. It can be due to gastrointestinal problems or parasitism. If there is a presence of blood, call your vet right away, as your pet might need to be tested and x-rayed for foreign objects lodged somewhere their digestive tract.
#5 It’s not cute when your pet sneezes or coughs
Like our pet’s fart sound, we sometimes find coughs and sneezes adorable when they do it and even have the urge to film it. However, a runny nose and persistent coughing can be an alarming sign. It can be caused by viral infections, a form of bronchitis or more serious issues like heart or lung disease and heartworms.
#6 Frequent trip to the water bowl
When your pet shows excessive thirst despite inactivity or a cool temperature followed by frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes, kidney or liver disease, or an adrenal gland problem.
#7 Difficulty in motion
When your pet is not as jolly as he used to be during playtime is something we should keep an eye on. Stiffness or having a hard time getting up can be a sign of injury or arthritis, which is not only applicable to our senior pets.
When your furry babies are showing even just one of the 7 signs to never ignore in pets listed above, contact a vet immediately.
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